The first thing that you need to be aware of is that the Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a fully operational online and mobile casino site, and as such it is not only Blackjack games that you are going to have access to as one of their players, for you will have access to every imaginable casino game too.

As such, if you are a very avid slot machine player, and by visiting this website there is of course a very good chance you do enjoy playing slot games, then you are going to find more than enough slots available at that casino site.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino

All casino game players however, no matter which games they enjoy playing the most, do need to have the peace of mind in knowing they are playing in a safe and secure and fair playing environment, and the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site is fully licensed and regulated too.

Therefore no matter when you choose to play you can do so safe in the knowledge that the games you are playing have all been independently certified and verified as being 100% random, and if you are lucky enough to win you will have no difficulties in getting paid out your winnings in full and quickly too from this Casino Rewards Canada site.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Bonuses and Comps

Take your time when it comes to picking out a casino bonus to make use of, for you are going to come across plenty of different Canadian online casinos offering you all manner of differently structured bonus offers, and you need to ensure the ones that you do end up claiming come with favourable terms and conditions.

As the Blackjack Ballroom Casino has been around and has been in business for a great many years now, their promotions team know exactly what makes a casino bonus appealing from a players point of view, and will therefore always ensure the terms and conditions that are attached to each of the ones available to their players come with a straight forward set of them.

New players can of course choose to make use of the welcome bonus available from the Zodiac casino official website, but players do have the option of declining that bonus offer if they would prefer to play with their own real money funds instead of claiming and making use of that bonus.

Ongoing offers and deals will also be coming your way as one of their players, and much like the sign-up bonus offer, each additional bonus you are offered will always come with a very clear-cut set of terms and conditions too.

Comps are of course awarded to all real money players and they will seamlessly accumulate in your comp club account, and as soon as you have saved up enough of them you can then redeem those comp points for more playing credits at a time of your own choosing and once redeemed they will be added to your casino account balance in real time too.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Gaming Platforms

Three different gaming platforms are what you will find awaiting you if you do decide to try out the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site, and be aware that you only need to sign up once to have access to all three of them, as your username and password will allow you to sign into those three gaming platforms.

If you are the type of player that tends to do all of their gaming on a mobile device, then you can download the very advanced mobile casino app this casino site has on offer to players, and you are going to find a very comprehensive range of different casino games can be accessed and play on their casino app too.

The same type of games and staking options are available on that app as will be on offer to you on their two additional online gaming platforms, so you are going to have just as rounded a gaming experience if you do prefer gambling on your mobile device as you would when playing on your computer.

You may however much prefer playing casino games online on any type of computer or laptop, and if that is the case then you can opt to utilize the instant play gaming platform offered to all players of Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

That gaming platform is accessed via their casino website and all web browsers can be used to access that instant play gaming platform too, and as you would expect there are no shortages of different casino game that you will have access to when using it too.

The other gaming platform is one that is a fully downloadable one and as such the only slight downside initially of using that downloadable gaming platform is that you are going to have to wait a short space of time initially whilst that gaming platforms and each individual game downloads directly not your computer.

Most players will opt to utilize the fully downloadable gaming platform due to the fact that there are a slightly bigger range of games available upon it and you do have a huge array of different player configurable option settings available on it too, so you can tailor your own unique gaming sessions when you play that way.

But it will be your decision to make as to just which gaming platform you do enjoy using the most, so if you are unsure as to which one will suit you the best then how about trying out initially all three of those gaming platforms, in fact you can play the games on offer for free if you do wish to test drive those gaming platforms and any games you like the look of too.

Most Popular Blackjack Ballroom Casino Slot Games

There are of course some slot machines available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino that do tend to get lots of play time and attention from slot players, and the range of video slot games are certainly going to appeal to a great number of regular slot players.

You will find plenty of low variance slot games those being slot machines that tend to award a large number of lower valued winning pay-outs to players, and they are popular with players based on the fact the frequency of those winning pay-outs spinning in, allow players to recycle their bankrolls plenty of times when playing those slots and players tend to get plenty of play time out of their bankrolls too when playing the low variance slots.

There are also going to be plenty of medium variance slot games on offer too of every possible type and description, however it will always be the high variance slots that will give you the chance of winnings some mega amounts of cash, but try and play those slot games for low stake amounts as at times they can eat through your bankroll very quickly.

If you like playing progressive slot machines, then boy are you going to be impressed by just how diverse a range and selection to those types of slot machines will be available to you at this casino site.

Those progressive slot games that you will have access to will come as either three reel and classic video slots or will be designed as video slots, and when playing some of them such as the Mega Moolah series of slots you have the chance of winning one of four different valued progressive jackpots too, on any base game spin you play off.

However, it is important that you play progressive slot machines in such a way that you have a chance of winning their respective jackpots so do take a look at the pay tables to see just how those progressive jackpots can be awarded to you.

Casino Games Available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

In addition to the huge and ever-growing range of slot machines mentioned up above, you are also always going to have full and unrestricted access to every other imaginable type of casino games and other games of chances as a player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

If you enjoy playing scratch card games for example then you are going to find quite an impressive array of those types of games on offer at that casino site, and some of those types of games give you more than one single chance of winning on each card you choose to play.

Table games are also available in very large numbers at this casinos site too, so you will find plenty of different variants of Roulette for example on offer to you plus you will find other table games such as Sicbo and Craps on offer to you too.

Card games are also available in very large numbers too, so if you do love nothing more than playing or example casino poker based games or Blackjack games then you will find more than enough of them on offer to you, all of which by the way will come with adjustable chip values and low to high staking options too.

Some other games that I do know many players love to play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino are video poker games and with single hand variants, multi hand variants and even progressive jackpot awarding video poker games available, you will have plenty of choice as to just which game you can get stuck into playing, the very second us sign up to Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

Just make sure that when you do sign up as a new player you spend some time taking a good look through the games menu, as that way you are going to see for yourself just how very large and diverse the range of casino games are at this casino site.

If you do come across any casino games of any description that you like the look of but haven’t yet played, then do also keep in mind that you will always have the option and ability of playing those games for free ant at no risk, which is of course one of the very best ways you can set about playing any casino games to see if you do like the way they play and pay.

To ensure that you know in advance of playing as to just how high or low paying each game will be, you will find the pay-out percentages that each game have been set to return to players over the long term published on the Blackjack Ballroom Casino website, so do check those RTP’s out as soon as you can do so.

Other Reasons to Play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino

There are a few additional reasons as to why we have chosen to approve and showcase Blackjack Ballroom Casino to you, and as such allow me to quickly give you some ideas as to just what those reason are and why this casino is a firm favourite with a huge number of players.

An around the clock customer support service is on offer to all players of Blackjack Ballroom Casino and as such if you do ever have any questions about any aspect of playing at that casino site then simply make contact with one of their support team members who will always be more than happy to get the answers that you are seeking to you quickly.

New games are always going live on the gaming platforms of this casino site too, and most of the new games that they do make live tend to be slot machines and slot games , so each month you will find  good mix of new and never seen before slot machines becoming available to you as one of their players.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino does also cater for players from several different countries of the world and as such you will find there are a range of different account currency settings so you can set your casino account to operate in your preferred currency and several different language options settings are also available to their players too.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino has been in business for longer than most other online Casinos. They have a wide range of games and a generous sign up bonus. It is actually one of the most famous Internet Casinos and is trusted and respected. It has been featured on websites and publications such as Yahoo, Bloomberg, PR Newswire, Market Watch, and The Wall Street Journal. Like most other Casinos the gameplay is straight forward. One of the things that stand out about this Casino is that you don’t have to bet a large amount of money. You can win big with a very small amount of money.

Blackjack Ballroom is very proud of the games that it has to offer. They list their games by category. They have poker games, blackjack games, slot games, roulette games, and other types of Casino games. They have games for people who seek to maximize their winnings by playing multiple hands.


Why call it Blackjack Ballroom for any other reason than the Blackjack games? They have many different types of Blackjack games. They have the Gold Series Multihand games with titles like Multihand Bonus Blackjack, Multihand Big Five, Multihand Atlantic City, Multihand Double Exposure, and Multihand Classic Blackjack. All of the games share some common benefits. For one thing, you have a very low minimum for placing bets. This means that all players are welcome whether the player is a beginner or an expert. Also, there is no time limit. Therefore, you can hold your cards for as long as you want before you place your bet. You will not be penalized if you have to go do something else while you have yet to place your bet.

Blackjack is a simple game to play. You have to be the closest one to 21. If the dealer has a higher hand than you, you lose the game. If you go over 21, you lose the game. Other players are not that big of a concern unless counting cards is part of your strategy. The attraction to this type of game is that it is based on skill. However, many people will rely on chance in order to win the game. It is also important to know when to quit playing.


One of the most popular Casino games. One of the things that draws people to this type of game is that it is a solo activity. It is just the player and the machine. Blackjack Ballroom has a large selection of slot games that are online. Not only that, but they also add new slot games every month.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the games that have made Blackjack Ballroom the popular site that it is today. As a mater of fact, it has earned the nickname of millionaire maker in the community of online gambling. Anyone that is seeking to increase their income will benefit greatly from this game. There are people who have hit the jackpot with Mega Moolah with as little as 50 cents. This game sports a safari theme with pictures of monkeys, zebra, lions and other wild animals. However, the real feature is the bonus game which occurs randomly. In the bonus game you get to place greater bets and win a large progressive jackpot. The recommended bet is the maximum of 25 lines for the spin of the Jackpot Wheel.

There are three progressive jackpots to this game. They can be reached by the use of the different colors available on the bonus wheel. Th mini progressive jack pot of $10 and more are represented by the 10 red spaces. $100+ jackpot is represented by six orange spaces. The three yellow spaces are representative of a $10,000 minimum jackpot, and last but not east, the one white space is the $1 million plus jackpot. One key aspect to the popularity of this game is that the jackpot never falls to less than $1 million, even after the lucky winner of $1 million.

Thunderstruck II

As the name suggests, this game is a highly anticipated sequel to a very popular slots game and this game was worth the wait. It delivers on the hype that surrounded it. One major trait that made the original Thunderstruck game so popular was the dazzling visuals, amazing sound and exciting gameplay that would never bore the players. Users didn’t just play this game to place bets and win money. They also enjoyed the experience of playing the game regardless of whether they won big or not.

Thunderstruck II actually takes the experience that it predecessor presented and added to it and improved on it. The graphics are more polished and there are some new exciting sound effects. There are a ton of other awesome features to make for an even better game to play at the casino.

The Thunderstruck II game system runs on a format of five reels. The real kicker is that the game pays out for any winning horizontal combinations. This increases your odds of winning due to the fact that every line is going to be active. There are no paylines in this game. This leaves you with over 200 ways to win for each spin you take.

The game still has the Nordic God theme. Added to the game are bonus features which include the Wildstorm and the Great Hall of Spins. The game features information on how you can use features such as these to your advantage.

Tomb Raider

Based on the hit movie which was based on the hit game, Tomb Raider is another game that is played a lot in Casinos. This game showcases Lara Croft spinning the reels and performing various actions during the spins. This gives the game a more involving feel.

The main draw of this game is the features, which this game is filled with. One great feature is the free spins game. You have a choice of 15 paylines. The maximum bet for every line is 5 coins. This will result to 75 coin maximum bet. The jackpot is set at 112,500 coins for free spins.


Blackjack Ballroom Casino carries 9 variations of this game. Among the different types of this game are French Roulette and multi-player roulette.

Multi-Player Roulette

Playing this game is like playing on location inside of an actual Casino. In this game, you are betting along with a few other players. You can also see the bets of other players on the table.

European Roulette

European Roulette is said to be the game with the best odds of every roulette game that you can play. You only have one zero and you have 36 numbers. The only game features lifelike graphics which almost perfectly replicate the roulette table. You are also presented with breathtaking sound that is realistic.

French Roulette

This game also has beautiful visuals that look very real. The object of this game remains the same as other variations of this game. There is a maximum bet which is influenced by betting type.

American Roulette

The game features a payout table that you can use to give you insight on how to play the game. For instance, you have the straight bet, split bet, five number line bet, even money bet, and a few other types of bets.

Video Poker

One of the most popular types of games to play in or outside a Casino is poker. Therefore, no online Casino would be complete without at least one video poker game. Of course, the video poker games play just like the real life games that you play in the actual casinos. This type of game does involve a lot of extensive skill. While it is an easy game to pick up, it would be years before you can actually master this game. Fortunately, each poker game at Blackjack Ballroom offers a help screen for you to look at. On the help screen, you can look at the different card combinations. There is one major advantage to online video poker, you can take as much time as you like before playing your hand.

Like other betting games, there are a few variations of poker available to play at Blackjack Ballroom. Each of them have their own set of skills to master. Some of them may be easier to learn than the others, but they all have their own set of difficulties.

Aces and Eights Video Poker

This is one of the favorite games to play at Blackjack Ballroom. You probably wouldn’t guess it with the simple graphics that it displays. However, the real advantage of this game comes from its straightforward gameplay and generous payout. While there are similarities to this game and the standard form of video poker, certain combinations have higher payouts.

Aces and Faces Level Up Poker

With this variant, you will be taken on levels that have rewards that increase each time you win. The are four levels in total and you have the possibility of winning eight times of the bet you initially place. This game features the Free Ride Card, a bonus element in which you will be able to win a maximum of 3200 coins. You just have to choose a higher card than yours.

Signing up

Blackjack Ballroom Casino has a straightforward signing up process. You just have to click the “play now”, download the software, and after that, you will be taken through a simple sign up form which will take an average of 60 seconds.

Bonuses and Rewards

Blackjack Ballroom place a large amount of appreciation on the players and they understand the value that they bring to their Casino. In order to express their appreciation, they offer a sign up bonus of $500 which you can claim.There are restrictions. One restriction is that this has to be your first account. They also have a giveaway of $25,000. You just have to fill out the form on the top right hand corner of the page and you will be entered into the drawing. You can also join their affiliate program which allows you to earn off of every member you refer this Casino.

Making a Deposit

After signing up, you can make your deposit. Fortunately, there are many methods that you can choose from to make your deposit which includes credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Skrill direct bank transfers and many more. There are three steps to making a deposit. First, you have to buy Casino credits, which can be done by clicking the button on the software interface that says “Bank”. You will be taken to the ATM page in which you can choose from a variety of methods. For first time users, it will be required to register payment account on the software before depositing the amount of your choice.


For withdrawals, it is very simple.You just have to have the minimum amount required to make the withdrawal. For checks, it is $300. All of the other methods which are electronic are only $50. You have two days to reverse the withdrawals before it is finally processed.

What Others Say

One very important aspect of a Casino’s trustworthiness is found in what other people have to say about the Casino. Fortunately, there are quite a few success stories from Blackjack Ballroom. One person states that when he first saw his winnings, he thought that it was a phone number. That is how much he won. There are a few others with similar winning stories which show that Blackjack Ballroom runs their business in an honest and legitimate manner.


Blackjack Ballroom Casino has a multitude of contact lines available in countries such as Canada, Germany, Denmark, UK, and an International line. You can also contact them via email and they will get back to you by way of contact information that you leave. It goes without saying that their lines also communicate in the native language of the country that they are in.

Security and Ownership

This site has been audited by eCogra and other industry inspectors. They have been confirmed to be a trustworthy site. They have a payout rate of an amazing 97%. They are known for quick and prompt payouts. They also store information safely so that the users are well protected. As a result, they have earned a Safe and Fair certification. Blackjack Ballroom is owned by the Casino Rewards network and is powered by Microgaming Software.