You will always have a great deal of choice if you enjoy playing Canadian Online casinos and mobile slots games, live in Canada and wish to play, however it is always advisable to know the pros and cons of gambling in Ontario Casino online gaming environment.

The good news is that the early Wild West days of online gambling are long behind us these days, and players now have a much greater peace of mind in knowing most of the online casinos that do cater for Canadian players are operated to the very highest of industry standards.

Canadian online casinos

As more and more people, mainly due to recent worldwide events, are interested in switching their gambling exploits online, rather than visit a land-based casino, I have compiled the following guide, which those of you who are thinking about playing Canadian Online casinos and games online will find of great interest.

What I shall be doing below is not only introducing you to some of the best online casinos, but also giving you many pointers as to just what you should be looking for and demanding from any Canadian Online casinos player friendly site.

My aim is simple, and that is to provide you with more than enough facts and figures and relevant information so that you can make your own informed decision on where to play online.

Canadian Online Casino Licenses

When an online casino such as those that are part of the Casino Rewards group for example, want to operate their casino sites in any specific jurisdiction, they are required to apply for what is known as a remote gambling license to allow them to operate their casino or casinos legally.

The word remote simply refers to the fact that players will not be playing in a land-based venue but placing their bets and wagers on all manner of different casino games remotely, from their own homes for example.

Applying for such a license to operate is not easy, for there is a very strict vetting procedure each casino operator has to go through, which can include the checking of the backgrounds the owners of such sites, and that the company they operate has the financial resources to operate such a site.

As for what rules, laws, and regulations they must abide by, well Canadian Online casinos include making sure all players account balances at sites such as Villento Casino are kept in a segregated bank account, so no matter what happens their customers always have access to their funds.

Kahnawake Online Gaming Commission in Canada

In fact, there are plenty of additional rules and regulations that all licensed casino sites have to abide by, when for they are regulated by the Kahnawake Gambling Commission, who are the main licensing authority when it comes to casino sites that cater for Canadian players.

I will cover those additional rules in the following sections, so please do read on for I am more than confident you will feel much more inclined to try out an online casino site once you know just how transparent and player friendly those rules are.

Fairplay Games for Canadian online casino players

With literally hundreds of different casino games readily available at sites such as Cosmo Casino, it would be impossible to give them all a decent amount of play time on one single session, in fact you could play their range of games each day for many weeks and never play the same one twice.

However, there are some noticeable differences when it comes to playing any casino game online when compared to playing them in a land-based casino, the one that does stand out and will become very apparent to any player is that playing such games online allows you to play them rapidly.

One of the upshots of playing any casino games speedily, is that you will experience losing sessions much like you do when playing in a physical land-based venue, but will experience them much quicker, and that can then lead to many players getting a feeling the Canadian Online casinos games are not far, not random, or even rigged not to pay out anything or very little.

It is therefore for that reason and of course as part of any gambling commission to gaming authorities’ duty to ensure all casino sites licensed and regulated by them offer certified fair games.

As such when a casino operator applies for a remote gambling license, they much submit their games, the source-code for those games and the random number generators that determine the outcome on each game to an independent game certification company.

It will only ever be once that company has fully tested each game and has certified every single one of them is above board and operates in the way that they have been designed that a license to operate will be issued, as long of course that all other criteria for obtaining a remote license has been met.

Canadian online casinos games

If you have not yet discovered casinos such as Zodiac Casino, you will be blissfully unaware of the range of casino games that are available at such sites, and if that is the case allow me to now give you some idea of just how diverse the range of games are.

I should point out that you do have the option of playing in a no risk playing environment at Canadian Online casinos or you can of course play for real money.

Another aspect of being a fully licensed casino site is that the free play demo mode games on offer must be designed in exactly the same way as the real money versions of those games.

Any attempt to increase the payout percentages or low the house edges on demo mode games to give those players testing them out for free the illusion that they are better paying games than the real money versions is frowned upon by gaming regulators, and more than likely will lead toa huge fine or even any such casino doing so losing their license to operate.

Here are some of the many different casino game categories available to online players:

  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Slot Machines
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Scratch Cards

You will also find a plethora of some of the more unique casino card and table games online, such as 3 Card Poker, Poker Ride and even games such as Sicbo and Craps too.

Canadian Online Casino Games Payout Percentages

I personally have found I like the fact that casinos such as the long-established Blackjack Ballroom Casino make a point of being completely transparent and open regarding the pay backs of every single casino game that they offer their players.

By visiting that casinos website and clicking onto the “casino games” tab you will then be presented with a page that is dedicated to presenting you the exact long term expected payout percentages of each and every game you have access to at Canadian Online casinos.

As I have already explained up above, each casino that is fully licensed and regulated much prove their games are fair and random before they are allowed to operate each game, however whilst each game is certified as being such, the payout percentage each game has been designed and built around will of course be different from game to game.

Therefore, by knowing which games do offer the highest set of paybacks via their payout percentages, you can at the very least give the better and higher paying games your time and attention rather than the much lower paying games.

Whilst doing so will never guarantee that you will have a winning session, but you could win of course at any time due to the random nature of each game, the ones that do have the best paybacks are the game savvy players will play to have more of a chance of winning.

Here are some of the games that are available at the casino listed above that do have some higher-than-average payout percentages:

  • Hot Ink Slot 97.50%
  • Classic Blackjack 99.91%
  • French Roulette Gold 98.65%
  • All Aces: Video Poker 99.92%
  • 3 Card Poker Gold 98.24%

One way to get a good feel for how several different games do actually compare regarding their playability and their paybacks is by you choosing to play a good range of similar games for free initially via the demo mode versions of each Canadian Online casinos game version.

If you play for example a slot machine that has a very low payout percentage but then sample playing one that boasts a much higher one, you will soon experience the difference in game play of such slots and will then more than likely be much more inclined to pay attention to a slot games payout percentage.

Just be aware that even those games that do have extremely high payout percentages are random, and set-aside a gambling bankroll that you can afford to play such games for and stick to your limits when gambling.

Also, be aware that some games will have been designed a low variance ones, and that means those games have going to award lots of smaller valued winning payouts as you play them.

Conversely high variance games of which many slot machines are designed, will offer a playing structure that sees playing not getting lots of smaller valued winning payouts when playing at Canadian Online casinos a high variance or highly volatile slot as they are also known, as those slots tend to give players the chance of winning huge amounts, often via a bonus game that can be triggered via the base game.

Online Casino Canada Deposit Methods & Withdrawals

There are many aspects of choosing just which online or even mobile casino sites you play at as a real money player than need considering, for if you do not pay careful attention to just what any casino site is offering you as one of their players, you may end up playing at a casino you regret signing up to.

When it comes to picking out a reliable Canadian Online casinos player friendly site, it is important for you to select one that is going to allow you to set your account to operate in Canadian Dollars.

Some casinos do not let their players set their accounts to fully operate in CAD and those that do not force their players to deposit in a different currency, play the games in that other currency and if they win then cash out those winnings in that different currency as well.

Whilst that may not seem like a big deal, you are always going to be at the mercy of currency exchange rates, which in a flash could see the value of any winnings for example that you cash out massively be reduced in value when tuned back into CAD.

Also, keep in mind that when making use of most payment methods these days, there are going to be currency exchange rate fees and charges that you are going to have to pay and those can also reduce the value of both your deposits and your cash outs, when you have bene forced to fund a casino account and cash out your winnings in a different currency to the one you use at home.

Just so you know, when playing at Yukon Golden Casino you do have the option of choosing Canadian Dollars as your currency option of choice, and you can then play the games on offer at that site after making a deposit for low stakes such as by playing slot games for Cents to playing some high rolling card or table games for a large amount of Dollars per hand.

As for what deposit options that best Canadian Online casinos sites offer their players, well several of them are Credit Cards, Mastercard , EcoPayz , Neteller, Muchbetter , Bank transfer , Skrill , Visa , Maestro.

Just be aware that the amount of time that it will take any online or mobile casino site to pay out their winning players, is often determined by the actual payment method that any player has chosen to withdraw their winnings by.

One of the fastest ways to get paid out your winnings by the way is by choosing to use an instant bank transfer option if that option is available to you, or by you choosing to get paid out your winnings via a web wallet.

All licensed casinos do tend to list the payout time scales for all their withdrawal methods on their website, so it will certainly be time well spent searching for that all important information when choosing where to play online.

Some casinos do also have maximum payout limits per day, week or month too, so always check what they are and stick to only ever paying at casinos that both pay you out your winnings rapidly and have high cash out limits in place on their banking interface too.

Canadian Online Casinos Bonus and Promotions

It is true and very fair to say that most complaints received about casino sites is in regard to the bonuses and promotional offers that all real money players do have access to.

In fact, most casinos do offer players an ongoing range of promotional deals which in the case of casinos such as Golden Tiger Casino are well throughout and designed in such a way that players do get excellent playing value, if they make use of them.

However, the value of any casino bonus at Canadian Online casinos is such that it is only going to be a generous one if certain aspects of the terms and conditions, which by the way all bonuses have attached to them are fair and well laid out.

I would urge everybody that does intend to gamble online and make use of casino bonuses to ensure the bonuses they do opt in to and claim and then make use of have the following set of rules attached to them:

  • Low Play Through Requirements
  • No Maximum Cash Out Limits
  • Instantly Credited to Player Accounts
  • No or Not Many Game Restrictions

Any casino that forces upon you bonuses without you being able to opt in to them and opt out of them should be avoided, for you are going to be tying your deposited funds into all manner of play through and other game play requirements if you do have a bonus forced upon you, so do keep that in mind when you are searching for a casino site to play at online.

Canadian online Casino Player Account Verification

Player safety and the security of players accounts and funds is paramount at sites like Luxury Casino and being licensed too they have to abide by Know Your Customer legal requirements, meaning they are required to verify all players accounts.

As such when you sign up as one of their new real money players, they will need to verify the details you supplied when registering as one of their new players and they do so by requesting from your certain documents.

You may be asked to send into their team copy of your driving license and/or passport along with a recent utility bill or similar, as that way they can verify your identity, age, and your address.

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Utility Bill

That is often one aspect of becoming a new player that players get tired of having to comply with, but as the casino is legally required to verify all players accounts it is something you will be required to do no matter where you choose to play.

One tip I can give you is that once you have signed up to any new casino site that you have never played at before, get in touch with the customer support team and tell them you would like your account fully verified straight away.

By making the effort to get your account all stored and fully verified right away means that if you do win on your very first session, you will not have to g through that process after requesting your first withdrawal.

Once your account is verified you will be good to go and will not be required to have to go through that process again, unless you change your address for example in which case you will eb required to update your details.

Casino Rewards Canada Promotions

Keep in mind that a casino will offer you one or more sign up welcome bonuses and will often then go out to make available to you a range of ongoing promotional offers too.

However, the forward-thinking casino operators are always looking at ways to reward their loyal and regular players, and for example when playing at Quatro Casino in a real money playing environment you will be part of their casino rewards scheme.

That online casino site has a multi-tier comp club scheme in place, and once you have placed a certain value of wagers on any of their games, and it does not matter if your wagers win or lose you are credited with a set number of what are known as comp points.

Those points continue to amass in your account the more you play, and they not only can be exchanged for additional playing credits when you have saved up enough of them, simply by earning a different number of comp points you will then rise up through the different tiers of that scheme.

Once you arrive at each new tier, a whole range of additional benefits are then bestowed upon you which can include the following:

High Valued Bonuses
Low Comp Redemption Rates
Exclusive Sweepstake Entries
VIP Player Support Service

You do have to maintain your current tier status each month or reach a higher tier through your gaming action, however if you do not do so you simply drop back down the tiers and will still benefit from the extras available in the tier you are currently in, so your gaming action will always be rewarded with additional extras as one of their players.

Do however compare just what any casino site and not necessarily the one mentioned up above is offering you by way of their respective comp or loyalty schemes, for they can and do vary dependent on just which casinos you choose to play at.

Birthday bonuses and tailored offers at certain times of the year such as at New Year or during the Christmas period are also offered to most players at any casino site, so do keep your eyes peeled for such offer as it is another way that many online casino sites reward their loyal and regular players.

In fact, you may be offered free sets of spins on some brand-new slot machines that have been launched as a member of some casino sites, and when you do those promotional delas are often designed in such a way that any winnings you achieve when playing off those free sets of spins will be yours to keep, but always read through the terms and conditions.

Accessing and Configuring Casino Games

The way you can play casino games online is fairly straight forward, some casinos allow you to download their entire suite of games onto your computer, but many player snow shy away from doing so as the amount of storage space some casinos can take up is huge.

When playing at Captain Cooks Casino the most popular way that players choose to access their massive suite of games is by making use of their instant play, no download gaming platform, for it is extremely robust and stable and offers players a fully rounded gaming experience.

Anybody that wants to play on their mobile device can now additionally make use of a casino app at that casino, which I do have to say is a state-of-the-art app and the range of games on offer upon it are just as impressive as on the online gaming platform.

There are going to be plenty of different individual game option settings also attached to the games you come across at online casino sites, and you should never overlook those option settings for by making full use of them you can have a much better and enjoyable and tailored gaming experience online.

Whilst you cannot boost the paybacks on most games by playing them in a certain way, it is worth noting that some progressive games do require you to play in a certain way for example playing maximum pay lines on a progressive slot machine or by placing maximum bet wagers on video poker games to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpots attached to them.

So always spend a little bit of time learning how any games you are unfamiliar with and have never played before are designed, as that way you will know how to play them and how they all payout too.

As for just which game play option settings are the ones you are likely to come across when playing online casino games, well listed below are several of them that you are often going to have access to at most if not all casinos online:

Auto Play Setting
Game Speed Control
Audio Options
Screen Size Setting

The best way for you to work out just which way of accessing the games any casino site has on offer though is to try out several different gaming platforms and/or apps offered by different casinos using the demo mode versions of the games at first.

You can then make a much more informed decisions based on your first-hand experiences of playing initially at no risk as to which gaming platform you prefer using, and by playing a few games for free you will also find some that you may be happy to play whenever you are good and ready to for real money.

Additional Player Support and Services

As gambling does of course come with many risks, and sadly as some players can and do get carried away when gambling in any playing environment, casinos such as Grand Mondial Casino have put into place a range of additional services that will allow players to negate the possibility of them getting too carried away when playing their real money casino games.

Players at that site are going to be able to access and make full use of a range of individual player account settings, that are known as responsible gambling tools to allow them to set their own deposit limit.

That deposit limit is a personal choice, and they can also set in stone the period of time any deposit limit will be in place.

As such, once a player has made the maximum amount in deposits, they are unable to carry on doing so, until their self-chosen time period has expired for that limit to be in place on their account.

Other responsible gambling tools include:

  • Onscreen Reminders
  • Take a Break Options
  • Self-Exclusion Facility
  • Session Time Limits

For many people signing up to an online casino for the very first time, making a deposit and even configuring the casino games they want to play in a way they find appealing is a totally alien concept.

You may be confused or blissfully unaware how to do any of the above, and if so then you will always find casino sites offer some form of player support service.

By offering a 24/7 support service, any players or potential new customers of any casino site can quickly and easily contact a support team member and get their questions answered quickly.

Make sure when you do go on the hunt for a new casino site to sign up to that the one you select to play at does offer ana round the clock support team, for whilst you may not need their services right away, in the future you may just need to contact them, and it is always good to know there will be someone available at any time of the night or day.

I should point out too that many casinos do have extremely detailed game help files attached to each of their individual games which complement any pay tables attached to such games too.

If therefore, you are unsure as to how any individual casino games plays or pays, then refer to the pay table or those help files, for a much deeper insight into the specific design of each game.

Any online casino for Canadian players which is really anxious to attract Canadians will offer to accept deposits in CAD (Canadian Dollars). Although Canadians love gambling not every online casino in Canada will allow them to use their local currency for deposits.

Very often they will exchange the Canadian dollars into U.S. dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling all of which are not very advantageous to the Canadian gambler.

Therefore, any online casino for Canadian players that wants to build up a good Canadian client data base will allow players to fund their games in Canadian dollars.

Some of the most popular real money online casino games are five reel slots, many of which offer dozens of pay lines or even hundreds of ways to win. Most slots games even have ways to win free spins, and the winnings during the free spins are often doubled.

Some Favorites in the Canadian Online Casino Directory

All Slots Casino is a favorite Canadian online gaming site because it is one of the best sites for rewarding player loyalty. Furthermore it is known as an online casino in Canada with some of the best casino games available. In addition to its large and varied selection of games, Canadian dollars are welcome at All Slots which has won a reputation for being a preferred online casino for Canadian players.

Canadian online casino gamblers do not always gamble at a Canadian owned casino, and All Jackpots is another favorite online casino for Canadian players. All Jackpots offers Canadian online casino gamblers the opportunity to play any of their casino games with a generous sign up bonus and attractive promotions all in Canadian dollars. You’ll find all of your favourite casino games for fun or for real money prizes when you play at the Ontario online casino. The casino offers numerous game options including both three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots machines as well as table games, online lotteries and multiple versions of blackjack and poker.

Another favorite real money online casino in Canada which is much promoted and advertised is the Canadian owned Mummy’s Gold. This Canadian online casino offers around 300 casino games with many different kinds of deposit options to help make their clients gambling experience a smooth and easy one.

Top Canadian online casinos offer a wide range of gaming platforms for your convenience. You can download the casino software into your desktop or laptop, play directly off of the casino’s Internet URL or enjoy the games on your handheld mobile device at the Mobile Casino.

Various Deposit Methods for Canadian Online Casino Players

There are now a good number of electronic online banking options open to Canadian online casino gamblers who wish to play and deposit their own local Canadian dollars. At one time, any online casino in Canada would only accept credit or debit cards for depositing or uploading funds into a casino account.

However, today, any online casino for Canadian players is able to offer several electronic payment options and all in Canadian dollars. For example: Moneybookers, Instadebit, Entropay, Ukash, UseMyBank and ClickandBuy are only a few of the electronic payment systems in Canadian dollars that can be used at almost any Canadian online casino. This greatly facilitates and enhances the Canadian online casino experience.

25 Free Spins for using Credit Cards, InstaDebit, Electronic Check, Citadel Direct

And now… a special offer for new players using Credit Cards, InstaDebit, Electronic Checks (e-checks) or Citadel Direct. Upon depositing using any of these banking methods, All Slots will give you 25 Free Spins on Thunderstruck slots game. Be sure to click on the graphic below, so they know you’ve come from here and qualify for this 25 Free Spins special offer.

Mobile Casino in Canada

Select any of your preferred casino gaming challenges when you play Canadian mobile casino games at the mobile casino. Gamers can choose any of the numerous mobile game options including table games such as mobile craps, mobile roulette and mobile baccarat, card games which include blackjack and poker and online lotteries including sic bo, scratch card and keno. You can play your favorite casino games at any time and from any location at the mobile casino for Canadian players. The mobile casino is available at your convenience regardless of whether you’re lounging by the pool, babysitting the kids at the park, traveling on the bus or taking a break at work.

Canada has liberal gambling laws which create a convenient environment for residents and travelers who want to play games for money. There are numerous gaming options in Canada including the national Canadian lottery, brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos in Canada.

The Canadian national lottery consists mainly of 6/49 and Max scratch cards. There are also five provincial lotteries where Canadian lottery activities are administered. These provincial lotteries offer their own, additional, provincial lotteries.

Playing at brick-and-mortar casinos is an option in many locations in Canada. These land-based casinos consist of large, lavish casino resorts and smaller, intimate gambling venues. In many areas, First Nation local governments operate local casinos which are located on rural, First Nation tribal lands. These casinos give patrons the opportunity to enjoy their casino gambling while they take advantage of Canada’s natural beauty and the local scenery.

Many Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ontario, Montreal and Ottawa, host casinos where local residents and visitors can play throughout the day. Many of these casinos feature world-class entertainment performances, restaurants and on-site hotels. Even you chose to take a flight and using your tablets for safe games like online casino for only Canadian who loves blackjack.

All of the Canadian casinos and lotteries are supervised by Commissions of Liquor and Gaming of the province in which they’re located. These Commissions ensure fair and protected gambling activities and safe gaming practices at casinos located within each individual province.

Why Online?

With all of these options, why are Canadians looking to gamble online? Many Canadians enjoy the live-action lotteries and casinos, but are interested in additional options for those occasions in which they don’t have the time or the resources to travel to a brick and mortar casino. Other players simply enjoy gambling from the comfort of their own home or, for mobile users, the convenience of playing their favourite games on their personal handheld mobile device.

Some gamers do the math, and learn that they actually earn higher payouts when they play online. Online casinos don’t have to cover the fixed expenses of building and staffing that brick-and-mortar casinos must absorb, and are therefore able to reinvest the savings into benefits for their players in the form of higher payouts and bonuses.

If you’ve decided to play at an canadian online casino, you should check out your options to ensure that you’re playing at one of the Canadian top online casinos.

Top Online Casinos

To identify the Canadian top online casinos, start by checking the Canadian online casino reviews. The reviews, written by professional casino advisors, provide a comprehensive summary of the top online casinos including the top rated online casinos games, bonuses, ebanking options and platforms. Every online casino offers its own individual benefits, but if you take the time to explore information about top online casino sites, you’ll increase your gaming time, your wins, your payouts and your bonuses.

Casino Games

The top online casinos in Canada offer the best Canadian casino games so, regardless of your gaming level or your fantasies, you’ll be able to find a game that fits your needs, interests and expectations. Card game aficionados look for both single-player and multi-player blackjack and poker variations along with poker tournaments and progressive poker jackpots. Players who enjoy playing classic casino games expect to find interactive par lour game options such as baccarat, craps and both European and American roulette. Players who want to expand on their Canadian lottery options are able to find additional lotteries at the online casino which include such lottery alternatives as scratch card, keno, bingo and sic bo.

One of the biggest advantages of playing at an online casino involves the hundreds of slots possibilities. Playing slot machines is fairly simple, but each slot machine has its own features and theme that turns a simple spin-and-win game into an extravaganza of plots, rolling reels, stacked reels, scatter combinations, wild reels and more.

Casino Bonuses

One of the biggest differences between land-based casinos and online casinos involves the casino bonuses which are offered to players who achieve a specific level of play. The live casinos generally give players comp credits that they can use at the casino restaurant or for specific purchases, but the Canadian online casinos free play bonuses provide gamers with more opportunities to play more real money games with no additional deposit.

New online casino players receive a lucrative Welcome Bonus that allows them to explore the casino games without the added pressure of depleting their bankroll. As a new player, during your first week of casino activity, you’ll receive match bonus gaming credits on your deposits so that you can play more games for more time for free. Following your first week, the casino awards you Loyalty Points that you can collect to redeem for more gaming credits as well as other rewarding casino giveaways.

If you’re a high roller you can enter the casino’s VIP Room where you’ll be able to play all of your preferred games in an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity. In addition to the opportunity to gamble in the company of your high rolling peers, you will also be given the chance to win special VIP prizes such as cashback deals, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, vacation cruises, luxury gifts and more.


Top Canadian online casinos support top Internet banks to enable you to deposit your wagers and withdraw your earnings in Canadian currency easily and efficiently. The top-ranked Canadian casinos allow you to conduct your ebanking according to your needs via ewallets, evouchers, credit and debit cards, echecks and banks that facilitate transfer of funds via wire transfers.

Regardless of your bankroll or your preferred games, the top Canadian online casinos give you everything that you need to enjoy a satisfying casino adventure of fun and excitement.