Not many people head to Casino Montreal for a gambling packed type of vacation, for it is a place steeped in history and as such it attracts visitors who are much more interested in getting out and about and discovering all the Jackpot City has to offer.

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Having said that though, there is a huge and impressive land-based casino in Montreal, and with that in mind this guide is going to be giving you an in-depth insight into what that venue has to offer you, just in case you do visit the area and fancy playing games of chance.

Casino Hotel Montreal

Parks, museums, art galleries and busy markets are just some of the venues and places you will come across on any visit to Montreal, and whilst most vacationers and visitors have a list of places they want to visit, many others prefer just to go with the flow and go out and about without a schedule of places to visit in hand, and just like to see where their wandering takes them.

As for some of the places that do tend to pick in the crowds, well I feel the following places are truly worthy of a visit:

Parc Jean Drapeau
Musée des Beaux Arts
Place des Arts
Atwater and Jean Talon Markets
St. Mary Queen of the World

Getting around Montreal is never going to be a problem being a place that is famed for its reliable and clean public transport network.
Best Casinos in Montreal

Whilst there is just one single Zodiac casino in Montreal, believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed with that venue. As for what the name is of that casino, well it is of course Montreal Casino.

Stunning Location
Amazing Architecture
Long Established

Built around a stunning location, it is a breeze to get to the casino and should you be travelling by car or cab its location is 1, avenue du Casino, however it is true and safe to say that any cab driver will know where the casino is.

Public transport links are excellent throughout Montreal too, so you will have no difficulties getting there by for example bus if you fancy travelling that way.

Montreal Casino has been around for a great many years now; in fact it opened its doors for the very first time back in 1993 on October the 9th and has been packing in the customers ever since.

Many out-of-town visitors remark on the stunning architecture of the building and for reference it was Jean Faugerson who design that amazing building.

Be aware that to comply with local licensing laws, patrons visiting Montreal Casino need to be over the age of 18 and anyone who appears to be under the age of eighteen will be challenged to produce their identification documents to prove their age.

The casino is advertised as being open 7 days a week 24 hours a day, however due to recent worldwide events those opening time were amended and are now subject to change at any time. You will find up to the minute information regarding their current opening hours on their website by the way.

Be aware the venue is now a no smoking one, and as such visitors are not permitted to smoke anywhere inside the building, however they are welcome to do so outside.

Montreal Casino Online

You are of course going to be able to sign up to get a player’s cards when visiting casinos in Montreal, and that comp club card you get issued when you sign up for one, which you will need to do, will open up a plethora of additional benefits.

Those benefits will be bestowed upon you based on your level of gaming action, not the amount of cash you lose, so it is worth noting that even if you are a penny slot player for example the longer you play, by, for example, you play through your small bankroll multiple times, should see you earning your fair share of those points.

By signing up to the Montreal Casino rewards scheme you are going to be awarded with 300 points for each $1 you wager, those points are awarded irrespective of whether you are playing table games or slot machines, and when you have saved up enough of them you can then go on to redeem them for cash.

Additional benefits will also be bestowed upon you if you do sign up and use your players cards, including discount on hotel rooms, which is good to know of course.

If you do plan on visiting that casino then my advice would be to sign up to the players club the second you arrive at the casino, and then start using your players card straight away, also do ensure that you insert your card into the gaming machines correctly so that your gaming action can be tracked, and your points awarded.

When playing table games the onus is on you to hand over your players card to the Dealer so that they can alert the Pit Boss who will then track your gaming action and award your points based on that action.

Montreal Casino Table Games

Let me now turn my attention to the actual games themselves at Montreal Casino, and below you will find a round up of the card and table games you will have access to if you decide to pay that venue a visit.

Blackjack – You will discover plenty of different variants of Blackjack available at Montreal Casino, including the Black Jack Switch game which sees players being dealt out not the standard one hand but two hands at the start of the game, players can then swap a card from each hand to the other hand, which players have to adopt a brand-new type of playing strategy.

Baccarat – Three different variants of Baccarat can be found at Montreal Casino, and they are the Midi, Mini and Macau variants, be aware the table limits are clearly displayed on each table, which can change by the way at busy times of the day or night.

Roulette – Whilst the house edge on the American Roulette game variant is way to high you will find that the European variant is available at this casino, and as such that is the game that savvy players make a beeline to play thanks to its low house edge, players may also be interested to learn there are now Touch Bet Roulette terminals around the gaming floor too.

Casino Poker Games – A diverse mix of different casino poker card games will be available day and night at this casino, and some of the much more popular games include Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Grand Prix Poker which you may know by its other name, that being Let It Ride, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and of course Three card poker

Additional Table Games – Two dice based additional table games you may fancy playing at this casino include the ever-popular Craps game along with Soc Bo too. Casino War is also available which is a head-to-head type of game between your one single dealt out card and the Dealers one card.

Montreal Casino Slots Machines

You will have access to the type and categories of slot machines that you enjoy playing the most at Montreal Casino, and there will be more than enough of them for you to take your chances on if you do pay that casino a visit.

The range of classic and three-reel slots will impress any player tat is seeking a basic type of slot playing experience, and with low to high stake variants dotted around the casinos gaming floor it should not take you too long to find your favourite slots.

Do also take a look at some of the much more recent additions to the gaming floor, for there are plenty of bonus game awarding video slots that I am confident will give you a rollercoaster type of gaming experience.

If you want to take your chances trying to win what may turn out to be a life changing jackpot, then do consider getting stuck into playing any of the many progressive slots dotted around the gaming floor too.

Unusual Events at Montreal Casino

Something happened at the Montreal Casino way back in 1994, which did raise some red flags at the casino and warranted an urgent investigation.

What happened that day in April ’94 was that a man called Daniel Corriveau set about playing Keno, from the second the Keno lounge opened for the day, choosing the 20-spot bet on his card, unbelievably he won with that bet by picking 19 numbers out of the twenty that were drawn out of the Keno machine.

Unbelievably he repeated that fete two more times, and it was at that point in time a full investigation was started, as the odds of doing that were so huge it was deemed not in the realms of possibility.

The upshot of that investigation was that the Keno machine used a random number generator that was reset each day, but used the same seed numbers, and as the random number generator was not that highly advanced, Corriveau was able to predict the numbers that would be drawn out.

Ultimately, he was allowed to cash out and keep his winnings, which totalled $600k, as he was found not to have done anything wrong.
Recent Big Casino Montreal Winners

With so many visitors, there are always going to be plenty of people who do win big at casinos such as Casino Montreal, and some players that did manage to spin in some huge amounts of cash playing the slot machines at that casino are listed below for you:

Sheng Shi Gui Fei Slot – $12,732
Quick Hit Platinum Slot – $10,023
5x 10x Quick Hit Slot – $10,000
Treasure Ball Slot – $10,261.75
88 Fortunes Slot – $20,029.55
Lock It Link Slot – $13,134.68
Double Blessing Slot – $13,748.16

Be aware not everybody wins at that casino, and the casino operators do take responsible gambling very seriously, and if you do visit and feel you need help and support regarding a gambling related problem then please do speak to a member of staff.

You will be able to self-exclude yourself from the casino if you feel that you gambling activities are out of hand. More information and literature regarding the responsible gambling tools and options available can be found within the casino or you can visit their website for more information instead.

Be aware that you do need to be over the age of 18 to enter the gaming areas at Montreal Casino and anyone that appears under the age of 18 will be challenged to produce their identification documents, if unable to they will be asked to leave.
Airports that Serve Casinos in Montreal

There are three airports that cover the Montreal area and each of them are listed below, be aware that different airlines do use these airports and as such do check to see which one is going to be most convenient for you should you be planning a trip to Montreal:

Mirabel International Airport
Trudeau International Airport
Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport

Fortunately Montreal is covered by a first class and completely reliable public transport network, that many visitors rave about, and as such whilst you could choose to rent a car for any upcoming visit to allow you to get out and about, you will not be required to.

I say that as you are going to be able to travel around the City with great ease by using either that public transport network or by hailing a cab instead.

The cost of using the public transport network in and around Montreal is reasonable, however when using a cab there will be several factors to consider as to the overall price you will need to pay, such as where you wish to visit and the time of the day or night you wish to make that journey too.