Keeping track of your cash when gambling can be a difficult feat. Amidst all the excitement and adrenalin, it is easy to lose sight of your finances.

Casinos are designed to make the gambler eager to continue playing and this is not a bad thing.

It’s just a matter of when you are no longer enjoying your gambling for the day, to quit.

At real casinos, friendly staff treats you with complimentary drinks and food while you play in elegant surrounds.

You wager chips that do not seem like real money and there are no clocks around to tell you its time to go home.

The casino wants you to stay, play and ultimately, to spend. Online casinos are a little different.

As you play in the comfort of your own home, it is easier to come and go as you choose.

There is also no need to stop play, as the system will remain in the same place until you choose to exit, whether it is in ten minutes or ten hours.

The object of gambling is to have fun and to stretch your money as far as you can.

Modest betting is safe betting. But in particular, it is important to know when the odds are in your favour, as in the game Blackjack.

If you want the highest probability of gaining a modest win, at the cost of some losses, you should make considerably larger wagers.

If you simply want to have a fast, quick, on the edge of your seat game, take some risks and trust your instincts. Although again, know when to quit.

Gamble in moderation.

When I say moderation, I don’t mean less frequently, just for shorter time periods.

A quick bet is a good bet and a smart rule of thumb is to not spend more than two hours in any one sitting.

Never increase your bet size on consecutive losses is another point to remember.

When experiencing consecutive wins, increase in accordance with your style of play.

Just take it easy and if you are on a streak, take it for all you can!

Unlike other pastimes, gambling is a game almost entirely centred around money.

Try and assess your financial situation. Ask yourself the question, ‘How much can I gamble each week?’

And then stick to that limit. Keep a record of your returns and compare with other players via gambling forums.

Shop around until you find a site that provides good return on your investment.

These are all measures you can take to ensure you are getting the best deal you can from your wager. ‘

And finally, the two golden rules of smart gambling…

Never quit a session in the middle of a winning streak; and Never chase your losses.

With this in mind, you too can develop good money management skills when gambling.

Be a conscientious gambler and know when to quit.

When gambling on the internet, there are variety of games from which to choose. The casino’s advantage or “edge” is different for every game. Of course, the higher the casino’s edge is, means the less your chance of winning.
To begin with, casinos have a 2 part advantage. Players understand the first part, and that is, when you lose, you lose. Your money is gone.

The second is what most players don’t understand. Sometimes, instead of receiving a fair payout for a winning bet, you’ll be paid less. For example, a $1 bet at the Roulette Tables should pay out $37, but some Casinos might only pay $35. They keep the extra $2, as a type of hidden fee. In reality, you have still won, but not quite as much.

What you need to know is how much are these hidden fee’s and what you can do to reduce them. The more you are able to reduce the casino’s advantage, the greater your chances of winning will be.
In the following table, we have summarized the casino’s advantage for the games where it’s relatively low. With these games, a player with a little skill, and a little luck, has a good chance of winning. A positive percentage means that the casino has the advantage. A negative percentage indicates the player has the advantage. Most casino games offer several different wagering methods. This explains the relevant range of the casino advantage shown.

Blackjack (with basic strategy) 0% to +0.5%

Blackjack (with basic strategy and card counting) -0.2% to –1.05%

(Player advantage)

Craps +0.2% to +17%

Pai Gow Poker -0.2% to +2.5%

Baccarat +0.1% to +14.1%

Roulette +2.6% to +7.9%

Video Poker -0.1% to +5.0%

Sic Bo +2.8% to +47.5%

Slots +0.5% to +10% or more

The Casino Games To Play – those with the lowest potential casino advantage – are the following casino games:

Blackjack (with basic playing strategy)

Pai Gow Poker


Craps ( only specific bets)


Video Poker (full pay machines, max bets with strategy)

Slots (only at Casino’s with high payout percentages)

Sic Bo

These casino games offer you the greatest opportunity of maximizing your winnings, or minimizing your losses, and should be the major focus of your online


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