One of the reasons online slots are so popular with Canadian players is that there are types of slots games to suit everyone from the simple, standard classic slots to the more complicated and interactive video slots, and, finally, to those big money progressive jackpots video slots. Just think online slots and you immediately start smiling about all the various kinds of online slots games you can play.

Classic Online Slots

Classic online slots are popular with Canadian players just starting out in online slots gambling. They are simple three reel, one pay line slots games without all the possibly complicated extras of video slots. The payouts for classic online slots are clearly displayed on the screen and the maximum coin bets do not usually exceed three coins.

There are also five reel classic online slots, and these can be a little more interesting than the three reel, one pay line slots. They can have a lot more pay lines and wild symbols that enhance the chances of Canadian players to earn more winnings, but they are not as exciting or as interesting as the favored video slots.

Video Slots in Canada

Video slots are the preferred online slots games in Canada. They generally possess interesting themes sort of like video games. They have innovative ways of winning which include wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus games. Many of the video slots open with a short introductory film that puts the online slots gambler into the atmosphere of the video slots theme.

Some of the video slots available to Canadian players are based on popular video games and films. For example: there is Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2 where you follow Lara Croft into the tomb for hidden treasure with various kinds of special signs and symbols. Another one of these innovative online slots is Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II where you get into the world of the Norse gods with various bonus games that can earn Canadian players hundreds of coins. These types of online slots are fascinating and exciting to play.

Fruit Machine Online Slots

One more very entertaining type of online slots is the fruit machine. The fruit machine online slots are based on the UK pub style slots and, for that reason, are immensely popular with Canadian players. Fruit machines are often found in UK pubs and in pubs in Canada too, but there are many types of fruit machines amongst the online slots offered to Canadian players at Canadian online casinos.

The fruit machine online slots have some special features not found in any other type of slots games. These features, such as Nudges and Holds, give the player a bit more control over the outcome of the spinning reels. Nudges allow you to move just one of the reels to the next image which might help you create a winning combination on the pay line, and Holds allow you to hold one or more of the reels while the others spin and again possibly allow you to create a winning pay line. Also, the fruit machine online slots supply Trail Bonus games which are favorites with online slots Canadian players. These Trail games generally require fast action by the player in order to take advantage of the bonus offers. This makes the fruit machine online slots much more interactive than standard online slots games.

Online slots of all types are a lot of fun and offer hours of entertainment and action whether you are playing in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

How the slot machines work

There are different types of online slots. Whether playing a progressive or a straight slot type, players will be invariably faced with multiple choices and scenarios.

Slot machines usually are classified on basis of aspects like denomination of coins, the number of reels, and things like how many coins to play, and single / multiple pay lines.

Whether it’s single-line, 3-line, nine-line, three or five reel, progressives, bonus games, you think of it, Internet casinos have all popular versions of slot.

At times a number of progressive slots feed into one big jackpot where any slot machine in the particular group may end up winning. Thus, the jackpot amount grows astronomically.

Different Types of Progressive slots
There are different types of progressive slot machines. Some understanding of these will assist you in picking the most advantageous one to play.

Most online casinos have differing types of progressive slots.

Individual Progressives: These slot machines are self-contained. They don’t get a jackpot contribution from any other jackpot / progressive machines.
Linked Progressives: These are groups / machines tied into each other, which contribute to a common jackpot.
• Multi-Location progressives: These comprise banks of several machines which are located in different casinos all contributing to one big jackpot. Your odds of winning it are though rather slim, but then one never knows!
Most slot machines these days have 5 reels, but there are still many machines with 3 or 4 reels.

It also matters as how many symbols are there displayed on each of the reels. The more the no. of reels & symbols, the tougher it gets to hit jackpot (or a winning combination)

The no. of symbols on each reel is programmed into the system that runs the slot. The actual no. of symbols is dependent on the jackpot offered by the machine.

Remember, the programmed symbols ensure that the jackpot becomes rare and difficult.

Machines operate on a 2 or 3 coin maximum on an average. Multiple coin playing slot machines have subtle variations that distinguish them. With some of them, the no. of coins played is in proportion to the payoff, whereas in others, the payoff is much more than proportional.

Some slot machines do not even give out a jackpot on one coin, whereas the 3-coin jackpot may often pay 150 per cent of a 2-coin win. In this scenario, it’s better playing the maximum no. of coins.

The standard slot has one pay line, though up to 30 pay lines are common now. A coin must be played for each pay for getting paid for a win in case of multi-lined pay lines.