Because many people are concerned with the security of credit cards used online, many online banking options have popped up. Some of these are especially suited to the online gambling industry. Online casinos have needs that other industries don’t have. For example, online casinos from utilize both the option of receiving money from users and making payouts.

Most online casinos payment methods accept credit cards, but with increasing credit card fraud, more and more online casinos and businesses are wary of credit cards, and prefer some type of prepaid account. There are a variety of choices for prepaid accounts. Almost all casino payment methods options are free, and some even offer bonuses for joining them.


CentralCoin is an ewallet that offers new accounts with no fees. You can fund your CentralCoin account with a Visa card.


Citadel is the name of the latest system to transfer funds to online casinos. The Citadel System enables you to send electronic checks to be deposited into your casino account. Citadel doesn’t require credit cards at all, only US banking information. In order to use Citadel as a purchase option, you must have a checking account with a financial institution in the United States.


Click2Pay is another ewallet. You can fund it with your credit card, or by direct debit from your bank account. Click2Pay accounts are free to create and use. Your credit card is charged immediately when you use it to fund your account. If you use a bank debit, it will show up within 2-3 days. You can use the Click2Pay account immediately after it is funded.

Direct Bank Transfer (ACH)

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) is a system which allows direct transfers to and from accounts of your choice.


FirePay is an ewallet which can be filled from Visa, MasterCard, or an electronic check. Once you have deposited money in your FirePay account, you can use it securely at almost any web site without giving any personal banking details.

Gaming Card

A Gaming Card is an account for gamblers considered VIPs. If an online casino considers you a VIP, they can extend you a Gaming Card invitation. Gaming cards can be funded by wire transfer, credit card, and more. In addition, you can draw your winnings from the account with your gaming card at an ATM.


NETeller is an ewallet which allows withdrawal of funds, and can be funded by credit cards, bank deposits, wiring, and services such as InstaCash or FCash.


PrePaidATM is a card which can be used as an ATM card, but isn’t connected to any bank account. You can use electronic checks, credit cards, bank wires, and Western Union to fund these cards, but only a few casinos accept PrePaidATM, and you are only eligible for one if you are a US citizen.


VASpay is a whole accounting system which allows you to deposit money securely, and allows a variety of other functions. For example, VASpay allows you to make recurring payments automatically and to transfer funds to other individuals. VASpay allows you to receive your winnings immediately. VASpay accounts can be funded by Credit cards, and direct debits from European and American bank accounts.

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a transfer from your bank account to an account set up with the casino. You’ll need to fax or email the casino a wire transfer form so that the casino can make a request from your account. Your bank will then ask you to authorize the transaction, and the money will be wired. A wire generally takes a few hours to complete, so using a wire transfer is only good if you’re not in a hurry.


900Pay is a quick and efficient way to put money into your online casino account. All you need to do is call a 900 number from your home telephone and your deposit will be charged to your next phone bill. Since some phone lines have 900 numbers blocked. If yours is blocked, you won’t be able to use 900Pay until the owner of the line unblocks 900 numbers. Of course, you can only use 900Pay if you pay the phone bills.