No Deposit Casino Bonus

Many online casino sites offer free money to players without requiring a deposit. These are known as no deposit bonuses. The idea is that the casino gives you some money up front to try out the software and games, and if they are lucky, get you to make a deposit of your own at a later time. If you are lucky, you might even win some money along the way, without having to ever risk any of your own.

No deposit casino bonus campaigns come with a lot of restrictions, and one of the main ones is a country restriction list. Thankfully, no deposit casino bonuses for Canadian players are very common, since player value tends to be high from North America. We have compiled a list of no deposit casino bonus offers for players from Canada, and they can be viewed on the chart below. Other pertinent information regarding no deposit casino bonuses can be found below as well.

Why do online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

No deposit casinos bonuses are a marketing tool to attract new players. If an online casino has faith in their brand and software, then giving out some money to let new players give their games a spin is an easy decision. At the very least, they get a new customer whom they can contact with deposit bonus offers and other lucrative promotions down the road.

Are no deposit casino bonuses a scam?

No. Unless the casino itself is a scam, no deposit bonuses are perfectly legal and can be cashed out if the player meets the terms and conditions.

What is the catch with no deposit casino bonuses?

There is really no ‘catch’ here. Obviously, the casinos will have terms and conditions that restrict their risk, such as high wager requirements before requesting a cashout, and many times a maximum cashout limit of $100 or so. Let’s face it, if you want to go after the huge life changing jackpots, you will want to make at least a minimum deposit. Bottom line, however, the casino is giving you money and a chance to win more money, and are not charging you a dime. No ‘catch’ there.

Can you build a bankroll from no deposit casino bonuses?

Yes, but it is difficult. Casino games always have a built in house edge, which requires you to have a little luck if you are going to see a profit. Furthermore, most low edge games like blackjack, craps and video poker, do not count or only count a small percentage towards the wagering requirements that must be met to cash out.

However, with thousands of online casino sites and lots and lots of no deposit free casino money out there, especially for Canada residents, it is certainly not impossible, with a little luck, to build a casino bankroll with no deposit bonuses.

What is the best way to use a no deposit casino bonus?

Think of them as a way to ‘test drive’ a casino before making a purchase. Check out the game variety, the software, the customer support, and the VIP benefits available to “real money” players, without having to make a deposit first.

If you hit a hot streak, then enjoy the house money!